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Put your 250x250 banner on the top spot of today! Your banner remains in the top position until someone outbids you. After that your money is returned in full and your banner shifts down.

Pick your price from the drop down list below! The higher amount you are willing to pay the longer it will probably take before someone outbids you. After you pay the next minimum bid for our top spot will be set to at least 2x what you paid.

How Deep Will You Swim?
You can store your 250x250 on your own site and change it any time. In that case after you pay send me an email with the link to your banner.

Or we can host the banner for you and you can get it changed upon simple request by email. In that case after you pay send me an email with your 250x250 banner jpg/png/gif attached.

No offensive banners please! If we find your banner offensive according to our own criteria we will temporarily take it down until you submit another banner.

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